When our children evolve, our parenting styles must evolve with them.

This workshop teaches parents with children ages 13-15 what to expect during this challenging developmental phase and how to navigate it. Our goal is to set your tween up for success during the teenage years and help you keep the peace while doing it.

You’ll learn:

  • Boundaries: Where Do You Fit into Your Child’s Life
  • Understanding Executive Functioning: Homework Time Made Easier
  • Why Chores Really Matter: How to Implement and Manage Chores in Your Home and Why They are Important
  • The Value of “No” and the Beauty of Failure

Let House of Thrive create a workshop for your family, group, or school.

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    The Confess Your Stress workshop was amazing!!  Thank you again for flexing with us, for coming up with something wonderful.  You gave kids tools, experience, and insight into how to deal with their stress and be able to cope in positive ways.  It was awesome.  THANK YOU!!

    — Patti Tacklind (Scholarship and Financial Aid Specialist at Laguna Beach High School)
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