Parenting is hard. Like, really hard.

Identifying and responding to a child’s needs, especially when they’re going through a challenging time, can be a frustrating dance with trial and error. It’s even harder when our childhood experiences, past traumas, and current stressors cloud our judgment.

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Connect with a Specialist at House of Thrive

Not only will your child benefit from our parenting programs, but you will too. Before long you will discover that parenting can actually be a pleasure.

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How to Grow a Child

Structure helps children develop healthy habits and routines. Let House of Thrive teach you how to create an environment that feels safe and secure.

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How to Grow a Tween

When our children evolve, our parenting styles must evolve with them.

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My daughter LOVED the classes. She would love to be included in more. Thank you for creating such a special environment for them!

— Jennifer
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Bye, Bye Baby.

Dear Teary-Eyed Parents of Teenagers: Remember when your child’s tiny fingers would reach for your arm? Then hand-in-hand the two […]

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