Turns out I’m not the only mom who feels defeated by her teenagers. The advice has been great. Knowing I’m not the only one struggling has been invaluable. And we laugh!! I highly recommend!

— Deb S.

My ex-husband and I use your C.H.I.L.D. method all the time. It’s a game changer. Thank you.

— Carly G.

My son and I are getting along much better now that I understand my part in the conflict. House of Thrive has been so helpful.

— W.H.

Since I started working with House of Thrive, I’ve gotten better at knowing my limits and setting boundaries. My stress levels are much lower.

— Greg P.

The Drama-Free Friend workshops were our Girl Scout troop’s favorite activity of the year. Thank you so much for your sensitivity and energy and thoughtfulness. These girls really appreciate it. As do I.

— Jennifer

The Confess Your Stress workshop was amazing!!  Thank you again for flexing with us, for coming up with something wonderful.  You gave kids tools, experience, and insight into how to deal with their stress and be able to cope in positive ways.  It was awesome.  THANK YOU!!

— Patti Tacklind (Scholarship and Financial Aid Specialist at Laguna Beach High School)

He’s been handling complicated friendships by putting up healthy boundaries this week – while still being able to express his emotions. It’s a noticeable, positive difference.

This is so valuable and should be a permanent part of all kids’ school curriculum.

— Alli & Steve

My daughter LOVED the classes. She would love to be included in more. Thank you for creating such a special environment for them!

— Jennifer
I have seen my daughter’s sparkle stash and love these words for myself too!!  She will undoubtedly have benefited enormously from these life skills, and I’m so glad she took part.
— Kirsten

My son got home today thrilled that his after-school class was so fun. He loved dumping out his backpack and organizing it. What a great skill.

— Katie